HONDA Tsubasa 本田翼


HONDA Tsubasa wears Kimono. A Christmas has not yet come and New year, too. In December, we can't help humming a Japanese traditional song, "After sleeping several times, New year will have come♪" We're busy to prepare for new year festival and coming-of-age ceremony(held in January in most areas of Japan). The women often wear Furi-Sode(long-sleeved kimono) at festival and ceremony like this photo. However, wearing Furi-Sode is limited to unmarried women. Why?

In old days, Japanese women answering in words to courtship from the men was considered a disgraceful. So women have the answer for waving the sleeves of Kimono. In result, Furi-Sode  became the thing for unmarried women.

In addition to it, waving the sleeves of Kimono is believed to lead  the ritual of exorcism, purification. In this way, unmarried women wear Furi-Sode at celebration, New-Year festival, coming-of-age, wedding,  graduation ceremony and so on.




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